It’s been a long day, and you’ve never been more ready for a long, relaxing dip in your Master Spas hot tub. You slip into your suit, slide back the spa cover and then … OH, NO!

Dirty, murky water. What’s a spa owner to do?

ZAP! that bacteria.

SWAT! that algae and fungus.

It’s Master Spas’ exclusive EcoPur Charge to the rescue!

This revolutionary water purification technology is like a superhero for your spa, delivering crystal clear water with fewer chemicals and less maintenance. Say KAPOW! to the high levels of harsh chemicals and salt that may irritate your skin, damage your swimwear and possibly corrode your spa’s plumbing over time. The EcoPur Charge technology greatly reduces the amount of chemicals needed to keep your water safe and clean, just like a city with a superhero on patrol.

Algae, bacteria and fungus aren’t the only villains lurking in your spa’s water. The contaminants you leave behind, like makeup, sunscreen and hair are also lying in wait. But never fear! They’re no match for the EcoPur Charge. Thanks to the tightly wrapped filtration fabric and spring core, POW! contaminants are trapped as the water flows through.

So how does it work? Most superheroes don’t reveal the secrets behind their super powers. But peek inside the EcoPur Charge secret lair and you’ll see that water flowing through the filter causes a chemical reaction releasing zinc and copper into your spa’s water and BOOM! the zinc and copper create an environment where algae, fungus and bacteria can’t thrive, safely and naturally eliminating that spa-lover kryptonite.

Ready to be your own spa superhero, plus save money on spa chemicals and maintenance, too? Purchase a Master Spas model with the EcoPur system, or learn how to upgrade your older Master Spas filtration system to the EcoPur today. Give us a call or stop by the showroom to learn more.

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