Awesome swimming pool? Check! Beautiful deck or patio surrounding it? Check! Comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture?

Do the plastic chairs from the local big-box-store count?

The answer is: No. No they do not.

You’ve invested so much into your beautiful backyard oasis (time, effort, money). Why stop short at getting outdoor furniture that brings everything together? There are a variety of reasons that investing in quality outdoor furniture is worth it.

Visual Appeal

With a variety of styles and fabrics available, you can find outdoor furniture that fits your decorating motif and still functions wonderfully at making your family and guests comfortable outside. Everything from modern metal to traditional wicker designs are available, all of which look far better than the plastic you currently have.

At Atlanta Spa & Leisure, we are proud to offer Lane Venture furniture with their exclusive WeatherMaster Ultimate Outdoor Cushion. Their designs bring the comfort and visual appeal of your living space all the way into your yard.

Speaking of Comfort

That’s another great reason to invest in updated outdoor furniture: comfort. Those plastic chairs are good for a momentary rest, but provide no long term enjoyment in the comfort department. The WeatherMaster Ultimate Outdoor Cushion is made for optimal comfort in your outdoor environment. So that, no matter what your plans are or who is coming over, you can rest assured they’re going to enjoy being there!


WeatherMaster is great to look at and feels good on your bum, but it’s also manufactured to last! Flimsy plastic outdoor furniture cracks and breaks, lasting just a season or two. Quality outdoor furniture is built to last for years and years to come — probably the duration of your pool or deck as long as you care for it too.

Before you have everyone over for your grand 4th of July party, take your backyard to the next level and upgrade your outdoor furniture. Your guests will be grateful. And we’re pretty sure you’ll love it too!

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