Atlanta is a hot spot for swimming, thanks in no small part to the Georgia Dogs swim teams. Local families are starting to learn that you don’t need a large pool to be able to swim. In fact, there are so many features as part of our H2X swim spa, you won’t miss having a pool at all. Find out why Atlanta is going crazy for swim spas!



The revolutionary H2X line of premium jetted swim and fitness spas are energy efficient and easy to install, so imagine being able to swim in your own backyard every day, no matter what time of year it is. The optional ProSwim harness allows more advanced swimmers to practice their strokes. Intermediate and advanced swimmers should consider one of the Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas featuring the revolutionary propeller driven Wave Propulsion Technology.

The Ultimate in Hydrotherapy

Whether your goal is to improve circulation, relieve pressure on your joints, soothe aching muscles or simply melt away the tension and fatigue of the day, sit back and relax while the H2X premium jetted swim or fitness spa delivers an unparalleled spa experience. All H2X swim spas feature our legendary therapy seating, ergonomically designed to wrap you in comfort while delivering the ultimate hydrotherapy. A unique pattern of jets provides complete coverage for your back, while additional jets focus on the hips, thighs, calves, arms, wrists, and hands.


With an H2X premium jetted swim or fitness spa, your fitness center is at home. There’s no driving, no membership, no crowd, no waiting. The H2X and your workout are never more than a few steps away. Once in the water, you’ll find that the H2X has a large flat floor with no hidden obstacles, making it the perfect choice for a variety of fitness exercises. You can jog in place against a gentle current, use a kickboard or use the H2Xercise System that includes H2Xercise Bells, Fins, Rowing Kit and Resistance Bands and comes standard with all models. With the jets off, you can experience the benefits of resistance training and range-of-motion exercises.

Health & Wellness

Very promising research that shows exercising and walking in warm water offers considerable health benefits. Aquatic exercise has been proven to reduce fatigue and pressure on joints, soothe aches and help to improve balance. Aquatic therapy and exercise has also been associated with improved mobility, flexibility and weight-loss resulting in a better quality of life and overall well being. Want more specifics about the health benefits of an H2X Swim Spa? Check out these links:


Family Fun

As remarkable as the H2X is for fitness, it’s also the perfect backyard fun center all year long. Regular-sized spas are great for relaxation, but the larger H2X models provide the size needed for more fun with more people. The extra length of the H2X provides enough space for children or grandchildren to play and release energy, while you relax within the cocoon of the therapeutic jets. Children can learn how to swim for the very first time in a very safe and controlled environment where they feel comfortable and at ease. Installation takes only one day, but the enjoyment will last a lifetime!

Low Maintenance

The H2X DuraMaster Premium polymer skirting has the look of real wood but is virtually maintenance free. It features authentic wood grain patterns for a rich, three-dimensional look. It’s easy to maintain with a cloth and garden hose. This skirting is so rugged it comes with a lifetime warranty! H2X also features the patented EcoPur System, which means your water stays crystal clear.

Come see what all the excitement is about! Stop by one of our showrooms and see for yourself why Atlanta is going crazy for swim spas.

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