There are literally hundreds of different hot tubs on the market. They all claim to be great and have great features, it can really be quite overwhelming to decide which hot tub is going to be the right one for you. We think that Master Spas master-crafted hot tubs are the right choice and we are pretty confident that you will too. We put together a quick guide to show you why an American Made Master Spas hot tub could be the right option for you.

They Look Great

Master Spa has an all new cabinet design that features a modern, sleek design, with the durability and quality that you can always expect from Master Spa. You can add exterior lighting to your hot tub. The exterior lighting automatically comes on each night and turns off every morning, so you can enjoy the beauty of the lighting every evening, without having to add something else to your to do list. You can be sure that your Master Spas hot tub will always look great.

They Sound Great

When you want to relax the last thing that you want is to have to listen to nagging noises. Master Spas hot tubs contain an exclusive Noise Reduction System. It significantly reduces the amount of noise and vibration from pumps and motors, making it 153% quieter than the industry leader.

Master Spas also have an optional bluetooth sound system, so you can add to your hot tub experience with your favorite music. The system has automatic device pairing and a vibrant subwoofer to make your music sound great! With these features Master Spas hot tubs aren’t just relaxing your body, but they are relaxing your mind as well.

They Feel Great

When you get down to it, the most important thing about a hot tub is how it feels or rather how it makes you feel. Master Spas hot tubs offer ergonomic seating, an optional Stress relief neck and shoulder seat, Master Blaster foot therapy and so many more comfort options. You can truly choose a hot tub that uniquely fits your relaxation needs. Master Spas is also ahead of the game in offering Masterforce Biomagnetic therapy system that applies magnetic therapy to pressure points along the neck, shoulders and back in addition to the hydrotherapy for a truly remarkable spa experience. When it comes to relaxation features Master Spas are sure to leave you feeling great.

They are Energy Efficient

With a hot tub the biggest thing that anyone wants is a tub that is…well hot! Maintaining hot water is one of the things that will make your hot tub energy efficient and keep your utility costs down. Master Spa hot tubs use Icynene foam insulation  which is an environmentally friendly foam that creates a continuous thermal barrier around the tub. This makes Master Spas hot tubs the most energy efficient spa available. They are a top choice for those who are looking for a high quality tub that keeps running costs low.

These are just a few of the many reasons that you should choose a Master Spas hot tub. They look great, sound great, feel great and are energy efficient, what more could you ask for? Come see us at Atlanta Spa and Leisure and let us show you in person the Master Spa difference.

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