When it comes to indoor entertainment it doesn’t get much better than having your own game room. So you put one in….kind of.  If you are like so many people that we meet, you started that indoor game room, but it has come up lacking. Maybe you went cheap on your game tables, or you intended to add additional games and just never did. Whatever the case you find yourself with a game room that just isn’t providing the hours of enjoyment that you had imagined. We can help you create that perfect game room where all of your friends, not only want to come hang out, but where they never want to leave.

Choose a Focus

You will want to choose a main game table for the room so that there is a clear focus when people enter. We recommend using a pool table as the focal point in your game room. Everyone loves playing pool and nothing screams game room like a beautiful pool table right when you walk in. We carry several different styles of pool tables from traditional pool hall style tables, to sleek modern designs that even have hard covers so your table can be used for other things as well like eating or playing cards. Whatever vibe you are going for in your game room, we have a table that will fit perfectly.

Add Some Extras

Having one game table is a good start, but it doesn’t really mean you have a game room. It just means that you have a game table. To round out your game room you want to add some other game options. There are several options depending on how much space you have in your game room. If you have a large room to fill, you could consider adding another game table such as ping pong, foosball or even a poker table. If you don’t have quite as much space, you could consider adding a shuffleboard table. These tables are typically long and thin so they can go right up against a wall. They are a fun option because not many people have them, making a really unique feature in your game room. If you are really tight on space you could always add a dartboard. They make a fun game room addition, but don’t take up additional floorspace.

Additional Furniture

You may be thinking that more furniture will be too much in your game room, but you really do need to add some additional seating in your game room. Many game tables are played standing up, so at a minimum you will want to add some barstools or something that guests can at least perch on. If you are going for a space where people will be hanging out and staying for a while, you want to have some more comfortable seating options. Tall pub tables, a bistro style table or a full on bar counter and stools are great options for seating and definitely invite people to pull up a chair and stay a while.

Decide on a Decor

You’ve got your games in place, you’ve added some seating, but you can’t stop there, after-all you are wanting a place where everyone wants to hangout not just play a game and leave. You are going to need to decide what kind of decor you want in your game room. Do you want a traditional bar kind of feel, something more modern, rustic or maybe a sports theme? No matter what you choose, you should go all in. Make sure that every table, accessory and piece of furniture fits with your chosen decor. That is what will really bring your room together and make it that fun space where you and everyone else wants to be.

Now that you have made all of the decisions and have the perfect game room planned out in your mind, you are ready to take the next step. Come see us at Atlanta Spa and Leisure where our goal is to help you turn your plans into reality. Our friendly staff is ready and waiting to help you get that game room from designed to done.

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