It might be a little colder than usual outside, but you’re still able to enjoy the outdoors and stay warm when you’re soaking in the hot tub you purchased from Atlanta Spa & Leisure. It wouldn’t hurt, however, to add some accessories to your hot tub ensemble this winter to make that chill all the more enjoyable.

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First of all, make sure you have a hot tub cover that’s really going to keep your spa protected, all year long. Atlanta Spa offers custom spa covers for all the hot tub models we sell, using two pound density virgin EPS foam core insulation with galvanized steel support beams that strengthen your cover. Our quality covers will reduce energy usage to warm your hot tub by keeping the warm air in and the cool air out.

No matter the season, wind, UV rays and other natural elements can wear on your hot tub cover over time. You might also consider utilizing a cover protectant that will help prevent fading and cracking of your cover with regular usage.

While we’re still on the subject of hot tub covers, if you don’t have a cover lifter yet, then that is certainly a must. It makes getting in your Master Spas hot tub on chilly evenings more manageable, so you’re not spending so much time standing in the cold trying to get your cover off the hot tub, dancing around as the chill raises the hairs on your arms. Instead, you can be in that warm, soothing hot tub water before you can sing “Baby, it’s cold outside.”

Of course, a nice fluffy, long robe would be a great addition to your hot tub accessories as well, just so that you optimize warmth between the spa and your back door both going and coming. And, if you have a nice fluffy robe, you’re going to need somewhere to hang it while you’re in the spa, like a hot tub towel tree. A towel warmer is a pretty good idea too!

And if you like to sip a hot chocolate, warm cup of tea or coffee while you relax in your hot tub, then consider adding a spa caddy to wish list, which will easily attach to the side of your hot tub so you have somewhere to sit it between sips.

There are lots of ways to add to the enjoyment of your hot tub during the cooler months (and all year round). Come by Atlanta Spa & Leisure and check out the winter hot tub accessories we have on hand to enhance your hot tub experience!

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