Standard modular kits are unable to offer the unique, show-stopping details that a custom sauna can provide. Creating a custom sauna means you can tailor each detail to your exact desire, including shape, size, and wood, as well as heating, lighting, and seating options. You can further customize your sauna with additional accessories such as audio and entertainment options, light therapy, and aromatherapy. To get started on your custom sauna project ask yourself a few questions such as how you will use it, where you want to place it, and what size best suits your needs.


How Will You Use Your Sauna?

Will you be using your sauna for your personal use or for socialization? You may prefer less glass and a smaller seating area for a private use sauna. If you plan to use your sauna as a social setting you will need more space for users to sit comfortably without felling crowded.


Where Should You Place Your Sauna?

Custom sauna can be incorporated into the design of new homes or easily integrated into an existing space such as a walk-in closet, empty storage room, or section of your basement. Custom saunas can also be added to outdoor spaces like decks, patios, and swimming pool areas. Custom saunas can be added almost anywhere the following necessary accommodations are available:  6.5’ – 7’ high ceilings, non-permeable floors, electrical support, and adequate steam venting. Additional factors to consider when deciding on the location of your sauna are the views from the interior and ease of access.


What Size Should Your Sauna Be?

Common sauna sizes range from 4’ x 4′ to 8’ x12’ and standard ceiling height is 7’, to minimize heat loss. You will need at least 2 feet of bench space for each user and, if possible, 6 feet in one direction to allow for reclining. Keep in mind, the size of your sauna not only determines how many people can comfortably use the sauna at the same time, but also the output capacity of the heater you will need to install.


Atlanta Spa Custom Cut Saunas

At Atlanta Spa & Leisure we say “If you can dream it we can build it!” We can advise you on how to best utilize the square footage of your available space and assist you with all stages of your custom sauna build, from the planning phase through completion. To start, we will obtain a few preliminary measurements, produce a CAD drawing, and offer you bench layout choices. You simply pick a layout, wood type, heater and control, and our crew will do the framing, drywall work, and painting (if necessary) to install your new sauna. If you prefer a DIY option, we can provide the CAD drawing, the kiln dried cedar or hemlock, along with the heater and controls and you can install it yourself. View our custom sauna portfolio to see dozens of designs, download our free sauna guide, and then call us at 770.288.5108 (Atlanta) or 770.288.5745 (Cumming) to get started on your custom sauna today!

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