The Zombie-Pocalypse Is Here — And A Pool Table Is All That Can Save You

Your kids are great. You know? Your kids? Those little people who shuffle back and forth from their rooms to the refrigerator with their faces buried in their smartphones?

Your kids are social, active and engaged — as long as you’re on SnapChat. In real life, however, they respond to questions with one-word answers and are BFFs with Pokemon Go.

You need to resurrect those zombies. You need a focal point of social activity in your home that’s more attractive to them than Kik.

You need a pool table.

pool-tables-02More than just an interactive game that requires concentration and an understanding of geometry, billiards is a sport that fosters sportsmanship and competition. Whether it’s the garage, basement, game room or living room, a pool table makes every house more awesome. Pool tables become the hub of activity for both visitors and your kids. Maybe your kids will talk to each other while waiting for their turn to play. Maybe they’ll play one of the non-digital activities that tend to pop up around pool tables, like cards. Either way, a pool table can make your kids part of the family again.

And it’s not just your kids who stand to benefit. Ever planning to have company over?

You got your Chardonnay. You got your cheese and crackers. Without a pool table, however, you know what else you’ve got? A bunch of bored guests who wish they had something to do other than make bad small talk about rainstorms with your neighbors.

Pool tables are elegant, beautiful, functional and fun. Best of all, they can bring your zombies — I mean children — back to the family.