The open-concept, tank design of a swim spa offers many of the same benefits of a swimming pool. Yet unlike a pool, the powerful and steady current of a swim spa allows you to walk, jog or swim in place without ever hitting a wall and needing to flip or turn. Swim spas also offer many of the same health and therapy benefits of a hot tub. The ability of swim spas to provide users with features from both a swimming pool and a hot tub, in a single unit are what makes swim spas so unique!


#1. Low-Impact Exercise

The buoyancy of the water in a swim spa will help lift about 90% of the weight from your body, creating a low-impact environment that puts your muscles and joints at ease. Low impact workouts are great for building up strength and muscle endurance, increased fat loss, and improved cardiovascular health.


#2. Private Swimming Lessons

Adding a swim spa to your backyard means you and your family can participate in private swimming lessons. The controlled environment of a swim spa is great for parents and children who may have been afraid of larger, public swimming pools (lots of people, noise, slick pool decks, etc.) or did not have convenient access to nearby public swimming pools. Many public pools are also currently shut down due to COVID-19 health and safety restrictions. Swim spas offer a comfortable environment where users of all ages can focus on learning how to swim.


#3. Hydrotherapy Healing

Hydrotherapy improves blood circulation and the natural production of positive endorphins which help patients more quickly recover and heal from physical injuries. Hydrotherapy’s unique combination of temperature, buoyancy, and massage can also help users who suffer from aches, pains, arthritis, and other conditions to soothe their joints, stretch their muscles, and improve flexibility and mobility.


#4. Endless Health Benefits

Spending time in a swim spa on a regular basis can result in a variety of physical and mental health benefits including improving sleep patterns, easing muscle tension, reducing stress, losing weight, soothing arthritis and joint pain, improving post-injury/post-surgical recovery, increasing mobility, and reducing stress and anxiety.


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