Easter is all about tradition. The good news is, the tradition is whatever you and your family say the tradition is. If your tradition is to cook a ham for Easter dinner, fantastic. If you celebrate by cooking a goose, that’s great, too. If you’re a family of vegetarians and your Easter dinner tradition involves seitan and tempeh, I’m down with all of it.

But why not cook your ham, your goose or even your veggies on a Big Green Egg instead of in the oven?

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Think about it for a  second.

First of all, a Sunday in the middle of April is the perfect time to barbecue, no matter the reason. Second, although grilling might feel a bit irreverent or informal given the weight of the occasion, consider two things. One, the holiday is all about breaking bread with loved ones, not the manner in which the bread is cooked. And two, you spent the morning watching your kids scavenge around the house for hidden rabbits made out of chocolate, so I think we’re way past irreverent.

Most importantly, however, your Easter ham, goose or tempeh is simply going to taste better on a Big Green Egg than on any other cooking medium in the known universe. That might sound like a brag, but it’s actually a fact.

The often-imitated Big Green Egg is not a grill; it’s a grill, an oven and a smoker in the same glorious Easter egg-shaped dome. Cooking slow, low and long is a beautiful thing in and of itself. But when you add moistened wood chips for your choice of natural smoke flavors, you’ve just reinvented Easter dinner.

There are added benefits like the fact that it’s safe to use and easy to clean. You can always talk about the lifetime guarantee Big Green Egg attaches to its space-age ceramic. There’s also the fact that you can use it year round.

Most importantly, however, is flavor. After the word gets out about the juicy, evenly cooked masterpiece you produce this year on that odd-looking culinary miracle you have out on your deck, you might start to notice your new tradition catching on in the neighborhood.

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