Swimming in the Summer Time

Kind of seems like an obvious connection right? Summer = Swimming. But we’re here to encourage you to get in the habit of swimming this summer as a source of fitness and activity in your life, not just for fun.

Let’s face it, when you get in the pool with your family, you’re not doing a lot of actual exercise – you’re doing a lot more splashing and laughing. And that’s fantastic! But a water fitness routine can be a game changer in your health, and starting the habit now, when it’s easy, can mean long-term consistency.

Choose a Swim Spa

If you’re looking to create a swim-friendly environment in your backyard that will help you stay accountable to a water fitness regimen, then we recommend a swim spa over a swimming pool. Here are a few reasons why it’s a better choice:

  • Usable All Year – Swimming pools are seasonal, but H2X Swim Spas are designed to be used all year long.
  • Save Money – Because swim spas have a sealed cover system, they are easier to maintain, costing you less over time. You spend more time enjoying a swim spa than taking care of it, too.
  • Less Space – You may not have room for a pool in your backyard, which makes a swim spa ideal because it’s smaller but still contains both a pool and a hot tub!
  • It’s for Everyone – Everyone in your family can enjoy a swim spa just as much as they would a pool. Kids who are avid swimmers will love the current. And it’s even great for floating around on an inflatable pool chair.

Get to Moving

Research shows that it takes 21 days of consistency for us to neurologically create a new habit. So, if you start a consistent water fitness routine this summer, you’re certain to want to continue throughout the rest of the year, regardless of the season.

As mentioned, swim spas are usable all year long because of the insulated, sealable hard cover, which keeps the water from evaporating, reducing up to 70% of heat loss. That means, even if there is snow on the ground (however unlikely that may be in Atlanta), you can maintain your water fitness routine and then relax in the hot tub.

No more excuses! Start your water fitness routine now with a Michael Phelps Swim Spa. Get in the groove while it’s warm so you can stay consistent all year long.