When you think of popular forms of exercise, chances are that weight training, running, crossfit or yoga might come immediately to mind. But sometimes, some forms of exercise, such as weight training, running, and crossfit, can subject the body and its joints to a lot of undue stress and strain, sometimes to the point of injury.

Take a Swim

One great way to get a fun, full-body workout without all the risk of pain and injury is through aquatic exercise. One of the safest, most effective forms of exercise for people of any age or body type, experts have long praised the benefits of swimming vs. other forms of exercise. The least stressful on bones and joints, swimming not only allows you greater range of motion and increased resistance (in all directions), but it also offers optimal cardio and aerobic exercise, giving you a better total-body workout since you’re using practically every muscle in your body.

Weather or Not

Sure, swimming is a great workout, but let’s be honest, it gets cold in and around the Atlanta area this time of year. If you own a traditional backyard pool, you either incur the increased energy cost and the hassle of heating it and maintaining it or simply cover it up until spring. If you don’t own a pool, park and community pools in cold-weather regions such as Atlanta close for fall/winter, which means it’s closed anywhere from 6-8 months of the year. Luckily, there is still some hope for you swimmers-to-be in the form of a personal swim spa/fitness pool from Atlanta Spa & Leisure.

Why a Swim Spa?

First and foremost, a swim spais relatively inexpensive to own, when compared to a traditional backyard pool. Not only are they less expensive to purchase and install, but because they’re smaller, a swim spa costs less to keep full and maintain because it uses a lot less water and chemicals. Its size is also a benefit when it comes to energy costs because it won’t cost as much to keep heated year-round, when compared to a traditional pool. That means all the benefits of swim and fitness in your very own heated pool, regardless of season. In addition, even though a heated swim spa is small enough to keep conveniently on a simple concrete slab or patio close to the house, some homeowners avoid the chilly walk between the house and the pool and have converted garages or even built additions to house their swim spa indoors for the ultimate in convenience and comfort.

So Many More Benefits

The ability to enjoy the benefits of swimming, even in the fall/winter months is only one of the many benefits a swim/fitness spa from Atlanta Spa & Leisure provides. For more than 25 years, Atlanta Spa & Leisure has been the Atlanta area’s trusted go-to dealer for the best in swim spas, hot tubs, custom saunas, sauna kits, game tables, and Big Green Eggsat some of the lowest prices around. Coupled with the easy financing, top-notch customer service, and dedication to satisfaction, there’s no reason not to call Atlanta Spa & Leisuretoday to ask about all the other benefits a swim spa offers you and your family!

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