Your garage is depressing. The treadmill is rotting in the corner, whimpering and begging you with its eyes to pay attention to it like an older dog at the kennel. The elliptical machine has a tarp draped over it like a stolen car at the police impound yard. That ab rocker you were totally going to get ripped with like the stud on the infomercial is collecting dust and cobwebs like a chandelier in the foyer of a rich widow’s mansion.

The reason none of your exercise equipment works is because you never use it.

The best workouts are the ones you look forward to. Yes, exercise can be fun — and it will be the second you get a swim spa.


Whether it’s an HX2 or a Michael Phelps Signature Series, a swim spa workout will make you look and feel better. The reason? You’ll actually use it.

Everyone knows swimming is the greatest and most comprehensive full-body, no-impact workout that a person can perform. The problem, however, is that going to a disgusting public pool is no fun at all. Neither is waiting for a lane at the pool at your gym. Your own in-ground pool would be nice for a few months a year, provided it’s not raining or cold or cloudy, but who wants a lifelong commitment that costs tens of thousands of dollars and gobbles up your entire backyard just to drop a few pounds?

A swim spa gives you all the benefits of swimming with none of the expense or hassles of maintaining a pool.

They can go indoors or outdoors, they require very little maintenance and they’re always nice and warm for use in any weather.

Best of all, you’ll actually look forward to a swim spa workout, unlike that collection of sadness collecting dust in your garage.

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