Spring cleaning isn’t just for inside your house – now is a great time to get your hot tub water in peak condition for the upcoming high usage months. Let’s get you started!

Clean the Spa

Drain your hot tub and give it a good once (maybe twice) over. Use a designated spa cleaner, not just some cleaning agent you have lying around, because it could damage the spa otherwise. Use a skimmer net or pool vacuum to get rid of excess debris. Once you wash it, do a little rinse with the drain open before closing the drain to refill it. Tap water from the hose should be fine. Be sure to test and treat the water with sanitizer once it’s filled.

You’ll need to clean the hot tub filter too (you may need to replace it if it’s been a year since you last did so). This is something that should be done monthly. Typically, the filter is located under the skimmer basket and accessed through the interior or under the spa. There is likely a valve you need to shut before removing the filter in order to keep water from pouring out. Once the filter is out, spray off the debris and sediment build up with the hose to clean it.

On-Going Maintenance

Ideal Spa Chemical Levels

In order to keep your hot tub running smoothly this spring and into the summer, you’ll need to complete on-going maintenance, including:

If you’re looking for a product to make this process easier, we’d like to introduce our @ease Floating Sanitizing System, for use in any hot tub up to 600 gallons. A Blue Mineral Cartridge and a Silver SmartChlor™ Cartridge snap together and float in the hot tub.  The system includes a Jump Start shock packet and a 30 count bottle of @ease Test Strips. When the SmartChlor cartridge needs to be replaced, the @ease flips over to indicate it’s empty. With this system, your chlorine usage will reduce by up to 75% and you should only have to shock your hot tub once a month.

Atlanta Spa & Leisure is a full service supply store. We have all that you need to get the job done and specialized service technicians to help along the way. If you’re still not sure where to start, bring a water sample by the showroom and we’ll be glad to help.

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