With all the snow in Atlanta this past December, your family might have experienced what hundreds of other families were experiencing; kids running through the house screaming as they pretend to be sword fighting pirates; Teenagers glued to their phones, sending you the not so subtle vibe that you are far too lame to spend time with and you hiding out in the bathroom to get a few minutes of peace and quiet. You were living this, while you could have been enjoying a couple of days of family fun with a game room to keep you entertained as you weathered the storm.

Game rooms offer something for everyone during those long days when you can’t get out. Just picture the way things could have gone down. You and your spouse relaxing on the couch watching a game, as your teenager is actually enjoying a game with their younger siblings, all while a gentle snow is coming down outside. Sounds like a much more enjoyable way to spend an expected snow day.

What is your next move?

Design the perfect game room so the next snowpocalypse doesn’t catch you off guard.

At Atlanta Spa and Leisure we carry a variety of pool tables to fit every style, but we also carry ping pong tables, shuffleboard tables, Foosball tables and a variety of game room furniture to finish out your space. Whether it’s a basement room, a bonus room, or any other open space, we would love to help you build a game room that will serve your family for many years to come.

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