Sharpen Your Mind & Tone Your Body: The Mental and Physical Benefits of Playing Pool

Playing pool (also called billiards) is more than a fun game, it is beneficial to your mind, body, and well-being.


Mental Benefits of Playing Pool

The complexities of pool are certainly a mental workout, which helps your brain stay sharp. Playing pool offers so many mental benefits, including:

  • Improved critical thinking: Processing, calculating, and deciding on your next shot requires logic and step-by-step critical thinking skills.
  • Increased observation and visualization skills: Due to the infinite possibilities that occur in a game of pool, you must always be prepared for your opponent’s next move by thinking several steps ahead and being prepared with multiple strategies.
  • Better understanding of geometry and physics: A game of pool is all about math—each shot is based on angles, spin, and velocity.
  • Improved patience: You must remain patient while you opponent takes their turn as well as when you are considering your next play.
  • Improved focus: Each shot requires serious attention and the ability to block out any possible distractions.
  • Improved memory: Mental exercise keeps brains healthy and sharp.


Physical Benefits of Playing Pool

Low-impact, low risk of injury pool games offer several physical benefits, including:

  • Stretching and balancing: Setting up and executing your shot may require you to position your body in ways that are outside your regular range of movement. In a single game of pool you may find yourself stretching across the table, standing on one leg, lunging, squatting, and bending.
  • Burning calories: While a game of pool isn’t necessarily strenuous, your constant movement around the table (roughly equivalent to walking a mile) will burn calories.
  • Hand-Eye coordination: focusing on small movements and adjustments while constantly adjusting your technique will lead to improved hand-eye
  • Improved muscle tone: Continuous walking, stretching, bending, and balancing will tone your leg, back, hip, and arm muscles.


Additional Benefits of Playing Pool

Playing pool can also improve self confidence and is a great way to interact socially with other players. Fun for all ages, pool, unlike many other sports, can be played by anyone— not just the young and physically fit.


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