Remember when you were a kid and your summer break was spent roaming the neighborhood, playing hide-n-seek or red-rover, building forts and imagining outlandish adventures? Or, as a teenager, when your summers were spent skating or swimming with your friends?

Those days are few and far between for today’s youth. Why? Because technology is the new normal. During the school year it’s a bit easier to limit screen time, but when those summer days kick in, there are groans of boredom mere minutes after they wake and, before you know it, the day is gone and their eyes have been transfixed on their tablet, phone or Netflix all day long (did they even eat?).

While we’re certainly all for a swimming pool if you don’t have one, there will be days that they don’t want to swim either (or simply can’t due to weather). A great way to keep them occupied and engaged is to add a game table to your home. Atlanta Spas offers a variety of game tables, any of which your kids would really enjoy.


The reality is, nothing will keep them off those screens forever. And the summer will be especially long if you don’t give them at least a little screen time. But, during the in-betweens, give them an option for something that requires them to interact with the rest of the family and have a good time together – give them a game table!

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