Saunas and Alzheimer’s Disease

It is widely known that saunas are great for removing toxins from your body and that they are good for your cardiovascular health, but recent studies are also indicating that using a sauna could also be good for your mental health.

Frequent Use

A recent medical report  from the University of Eastern Finland, studied the effects of sauna use on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The results were astonishing! Men in the study who enjoyed a sauna 4-7 times per week had a 65% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease and a 66% lower risk of Dementia. There is certainly room for more research to be done in this area, but the initial research is quite remarkable.

At-Home Options

Hitting the gym everyday in order to reap the benefits of a sauna isn’t very practical for most people. At Atlanta Spa and Leisure, we can make owning your own sauna a reality. We offer a wide variety of saunas including: infrared, traditional, combo, custom cut, steam rooms and outdoor saunas. With all of these options you are sure to find a sauna that will fit your needs.

Let us help you get all of the health benefits of a sauna right from the comfort of your own home.