B840 Sauna Model Measurements: 56”d x 72”w x 77”h (60”d w/overhang) Electrical Requirements: Plug-in, 20 amp 120-volt outlet B-Series are standard Canadian Hemlock (Western Red Cedar available)

That sounds hot, doesn’t it? We get it – you may be wondering why someone would consider adding to the often uncomfortable summer heat by using a sauna. But here at Atlanta Spas, we can assure you that a sauna is enjoyable regardless of the time of year you’re using it.


Saunas are incredible for helping your body remove the toxins that our environment exposes us to. Just 15 to 20 minutes a day opens up the pores, allowing the infrared heat to penetrate deep into your skin and pull the toxins out as you sweat all the junk away. This, in turn, strengthens your immune system.

Weight Management

The heat of a sauna helps you to burn calories – you’re basically sweating them off. Follow a sauna session with a cool shower or swim. When you make this rapid change from hot to cold, your heart rate increases but up to 60%, which mimics the effects that a moderate workout has on the body.

Cardio Health

Speaking of cardio, daily use of a sauna also improves cardiovascular and respiratory function.  The heat of a sauna raises your core body temperature, which helps the blood vessels dilate, promoting better blood flow through the body (part of the reason a sauna helps with inflammation).

Joint & Muscle Pain

The heat also reduces inflammation in joints and muscles, helping to relieve everyday stress tension and aches, as well as chronic joint and muscle pain. High heat therapy also releases endorphins, which can distract from body soreness.

Sleep Better

Our body temperature decreases as we sleep and the body fully relaxes. When you do a sauna session right before bed and increase your body temperature, as you depart the sauna your body temperature decreases more rapidly. This helps you fall asleep faster and find a deeper sleep throughout the night.

While you may not think of a sauna as an enjoyable activity in the summer heat, it’s apparent that it can be a very beneficial and enjoyable experience, no matter what season you use it in.

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