Consumers are generally aware that saunas will help you burn calories and detox the body. But there may be some sauna health benefits you’ve not come across yet in your research.


Surprising Sauna Health Benefits: Relieve Aches & Pains

For starters, did you know that time in a sauna from Atlanta Spa & Leisure can help you relax and sooth the aches and pains of normal body wear and tear. Whether you’re a gym rat with sore muscles from your workout regimen, do manual labor for a living, or simply sit at a desk so much of the time that your back and shoulders constantly ache, you can find much needed relief through regular sauna bathing.

Surprising Sauna Health Benefits: Smoother (and Healthier) Skin

The deep sweating that a sauna stimulates also rinses bacteria out of the epidermal layer of our skin and sweat ducts, which has a cleansing effect and helps smooth the complexion. This has a similar energizing of the skin as working out has on muscles – it improves capillary circulation, softening the skin for a more invigorating glow.

Surprising Sauna Health Benefits: Boost Your Immune System

The flushing out of toxins and bacteria through the skin from the deep sweating that a sauna induces has also been shown to reduce the occurrence of cold and flu symptoms in sauna users. Additionally, the heat and steam of a sauna cause the body to produce white blood cells more quickly, so the body’s immune system kicks into high gear.

Surprising Sauna Health Benefits: Sleep Better

If you’re restless in your sleep each night, than consider purchasing a Helo sauna from Atlanta Spa & Leisure. The reduction of body temperature in the evenings is what helps us fall asleep. By increasing our body temperature before bed with sauna bathing, the body temperature reduction after exiting the sauna is more drastic, resulting in a deeper, sounder sleep.

Atlanta Spa & Leisure saunas have a number of health benefits for both the mind and body. Contact us today for more information.

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