At Atlanta Spa & Leisure, we can help you find the perfect hot tub for you and your family; one that’s great for your physical and mental health, affordable, and easy to install and maintain. Dedicated to accelerated innovation and built for a lifetime, American Whirlpool hot tubs establish their superiority with details such as physician-designed Zone Therapy seating, CleanZone Ultra water purification system, steel-frame construction, and their Northern Exposure insulation system.


Physician-Designed Zone Therapy Seating

More jets do not mean a more effective massage but correctly sized and pressurized jets can target specific pain trigger points. Designed by physical rehabilitation and massage therapy specialists, American Whirlpool hot tubs’ Zone Therapy seating features strategically positioned jets that deliver a precise massage to relieve pain and stiffness throughout the entire body.


4-Step CleanZone Ultra Water Purification System

Using the same technology to sanitize drinking water, American Whirlpool’s exclusive CleanZone Ultra water filtration system makes hot tub water maintenance easy. By using UVC light and ozone, the CleanZone Ultra system kills 99.9% of micro-organisms, bacteria, viruses, and parasites, keeping the water healthy and crystal clear while greatly reducing chemical maintenance.


Steel-Frame Construction

American Whirlpool’s steel-frame construction is backed with an industry-leading warranty and built to last. Dimensionally stable and inorganic steel will not expand or contract with moisture, rot, warp, split, or crack. Also, unlike wood, the steel frame eliminates the possibility of animal infestation or termite damage.


Northern Exposure Insulation System

All four sides of each American Whirlpool hot tub (plus the floor and cover) are lined with reflective copper material which reflects radiant heat energy generated from the pumps back into the hot tub—recycling free heat energy for more efficient heating and lower energy costs.


Shop American Whirlpool Hot Tubs at Atlanta Spa & Leisure

At Atlanta Spa & Leisure, we are excited to welcome you to experience the American Whirlpool difference! Reduce your daily stress, heal sports injuries, relieve arthritis pain, and sleep better with an American Whirlpool hot tub. Let our friendly, knowledgeable staff help you create a personal retreat where you can unwind and relax with family and friends. At Atlanta Spa & Leisure, shopping and buying your American Whirlpool hot tub is just as relaxing as using one. Come visit one of our showrooms or give us a call today at 770.288.5108 (Atlanta) or 770.288.5745 (Cumming) to discuss all of your hot tub options.



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