Trainer 19

Get in and say hello to a whole new level of physical and mental fitness. This is where the sweet spot of a swim spa meets the power of a hydrothermal therapy spa. Where the benefits of both are joined to satisfy self-disciplines and self-indulgences alike. This is the H2X Trainer 19 and quite possibly the best home swim spa experience of your life.

Price: $$
Size: 231" x 94" x 51" (587cm x 239cm x 130cm)
Depth: 51"
Seats: 1
Water Capacity: 2,015 Gallons (7,628 L)
Weight: 2,950 lbs. (1,338 kg)
Jets: 48 (Including 4 VIP Jets)
Propulsion SystemVIP Technology
Power Requirement100 Amp System
Ozone SystemStandard
FiltrationEcoPurĀ® Charge
LED LightingWaterline
Exclusive FeaturesNoise Reduction System
AccessoriesH2Xercise System*
Weight Full20,865 lbs. (9,464 kg)