Trainer 15 Deep

The Trainer 15D is the deepest model in the H2X line, featuring a large uninhibited area with increased depth for buoyancy that is perfect for fitness training, aquatic exercise, and family fun. Plus, the VIP (Velocity Injector Plate) Technology enhances the swim jet performance to an impressive 45% over a standard swim spa

Price: $$
Size: 180" x 94" x 60" (457cm x 239cm x 153cm)
Depth: 60"
Seats: 1
Water Capacity: 1,895 Gallons (7,173 L)
Weight: 2,575 lbs. (1168 kg)
Jets: 43 (Including 4 VIP Jets)
Propulsion System VIP Technology
Power Requirement 50 Amp System
Pumps 2
Waterfalls 5
Ozone System Standard
Filtration EcoPurĀ® Charge
LED Lighting Waterline
Exclusive Features Noise Reduction System
Accessories H2Xercise System*
Weight Full 19,120 lbs. (8,673 kg)