Therapool SE

This fitness spa is loaded with high-end features but at a surprisingly affordable price. The large flat floor is perfect for aquatic exercise and rehabilitation, while three high-performance flow stream swim jets provide a current for walking or running in place. At the end of your workout, slip into one of the ergonomic seats, letting the hydrotherapy jets help you to recover and relax.

Price: $$
Size: 132" x 94" x 51" (336cm x 239cm x 130cm)
Depth: 51"
Seats: 1
Water Capacity: 925 Gallons (3,502 L)
Weight: 1,410 lbs. (640 kg)
Jets: 21 (Incl. 3 Flow Stream Jets)
Propulsion System3 Flow Stream Swim Jets
Power Requirement50 Amp System
Ozone SystemStandard
LED LightingColorscape
Exclusive FeaturesNoise Reduction System
AccessoriesH2Xercise System*
Weight Full10,235 lbs. (4,643 kg)