Fonda-B & T

The modernly designed Fonda-B stove series combines elegant European styling with a classic black shell and built-in controls. It is the perfect choice for sauna bathers who enjoy simplicity and easy access to controls from within the sauna. The Fonda-B heats rooms to 420 cubic feet.The Fonda-T shares the same sleek body and specifications, though it pairs with the T1 Touch Screen Control.

Price: $$
  • One heater, multiple sensations
    BWT from Helo means Several sauna experiences in one solution. Enjoy your favorite sauna alone or share different sauna experiences with family and friends. With a BWT-ready sauna heater from Helo, it is all possible. BWT from Helo's pleasurable sauna-. Learn more
  • Installation
    The stove can be mounted the wall or on the floor. For mounting on the floor, you can order legs of the same color than the stove as an accessory.