Sadly, chronic neck pain is more common than not. These days, it seems neck pain is afflicting people at earlier ages than ever due to the “tech neck” phenomenon.

In the characteristically modern-day battle against the adverse effects of sedentary, technology-driven lifestyles, we need to employ any and every tool that we can to exercise our bodies, relieve tension and stress, and generally reverse the mental and physical toll of “the daily grind.”

The numerous benefits of sauna will very likely aid you in your quest to relieve your chronic neck pain. Worst case scenario – it will improve your overall health.

Your neck pain could be the result of a single traumatic event, degeneration, apathy, repetitive motion, consistently bad posture, etc. Whatever the cause, there’s no question that stress causes an adverse physical response that often manifests itself in neck and shoulder discomfort.

Time in the sauna will allow you to relax and decompress mentally and physically. Sauna socially, or sauna on your own. The environment will naturally induce calm and clarity. This will reduce that stress response tension in the neck and shoulders.

It is incumbent upon you to practice good posture while in the sauna. This will maximize your body’s ability to loosen up. The heat will melt away muscle tension and cause you to sweat. This is a good thing! The more you sauna and sweat, the more toxins your body will rid itself of.

All the while, this heat also facilitates improved cardiovascular function. The increased oxygen and blood flow is good for your entire body and certainly will aid in relieving neck pain.

At the end of your sauna session and after experiencing all of the positive benefits of the session, your body will be relaxed and primed for quality sleep. Certainly, improved sleep will aid in your overall well-being.

At the end of the day sauna feels good. It feels good in our bodies, in our minds, and in our souls. Owning your own sauna is a sure way to carve out some respite from that daily grind.

We offer sauna options to fit anyone’s needs and budget. From infrared to traditional, custom cut to prefab, indoor or outdoor – We will set you up with the sauna that suits your needs so that you can begin to soothe what ails you.

Visit our sauna page to request our free sauna guide!

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