If you are looking for a hot tub that maximizes relaxation and health benefits, look no further than the MP Legend series of hot tubs. Every detail was intentionally planned to create a series of the best hot tubs on the market. Below you will find some of their most impressive features.


MP Legends have ergonomically designed seats that are made to complement the contours of your body. Each hot tub has form fitting seats, with strategically placed jets that create the ultimate, targeted hydrotherapy.


With five unique features in therapy alone, you can see that MP legend tubs are at the top of their game.

Starting at your feet the Master Blaster foot therapy brings reflexology to your hot tub.

Move up to the Xtreme therapy jet seat where you will find 22 strategically placed jets to ease away stress and muscle pain. Each jet is a unique orbit jet, that not only looks great, but most have fully adjustable velocity, making each seat customizable.

We end with our final two therapy features at the neck. MP Legend tubs offer stress relief neck and shoulder seats with reverse molding that creates the ultimate neck and shoulder hydrotherapy. Underneath the unique neck and shoulder seat you will find the final layer of therapy, a Master Force Bio-magnetic therapy system. This unique system brings all of the benefits of magnetic therapy right into your hot tub.

Sights and Sounds

Each MP Legend hot tub comes standard with an Orion Light system, which offers illumination of controls, water features, under the water illumination and more. They also come standard with a noise reduction system that brings you a quieter, calmer, more relaxing hot tub experience. You can upgrade your spa with features like the After Glow light system, the Fusion Touch Extreme sound system, or a WiFi module. Any of these features will truly enhance your experience.

Clean and Clear

The final details were added more behind the scenes. All MP Legend hot tubs offer EcoPur Charge Filtration, which is an innovative way to more naturally purify spa water. They also have a QuietFlo water care system that keeps hot tub water in motion, filtered and heated, even when the spa is not being used. All MP Legend Series hot tubs are also energy efficient with better insulation and lower energy costs.

As you can see, no detail was left unattended with the MP Legend Series. No matter hot tub you choose, you can be sure that you are getting a high quality tub that will maximize your health and relaxation benefits.

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