You’ve dreamed of owning a hot tub for so long — to end your day with a relaxing soak that washes away all of the tension and stress. You’re longing to get the health benefits of warm hydrotherapy, such as better sleep, cardiovascular health, reduced muscle and joint pain and much more.

Atl 4-3-17

But saving up for a hot tub just seems to always get thwarted by unforeseen expenses (new tires, furnace breaks, a leaky water pipe, a kid who needs braces….). Listen, we get it. Like with any larger purchase, saving up for it can be daunting.

Have you ever considered financing your dream hot tub purchase? Did you even know that is an option? Well, at Atlanta Spa & Leisure, we offer financing to help make your backyard dreams come true!  And there are a number of financing options available to meet your needs. You can save up for a deposit on your hot tub to reduce your monthly payments through financing options. Or talk to us about financing your hot tub completely.

The biggest benefit of financing your hot tub is that you don’t have to wait. You don’t have to wait for pain relief. You don’t have to wait to get the rest and relaxation you desire so you can live a less stressful day-to-day life. You don’t have to wait to feel better.

Financing makes your dream hot tub affordable right now. And we’ll work with you to find the best model to fit your monthly budget, as well as your needs and desires for hot tub design and features. Applying is easy. Just give us a call or come by the showroom to get started.

We can hardly wait to help take you from hot tub dreams to hot tub reality.


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