When you think about summer in Georgia, it’s hard to deny that there are few things as great as a summertime cookout. Whether it’s on the lake, by the pool, at the park, or in the backyard, summertime cookouts are a great way to gather with family and friends over food and drink to celebrate and relax with the ones we love the most. But when it comes to iconic cookouts, you need to make sure you’re well prepared with an iconic outdoor cooking system that can raise the quality of your cookout instantly.


That cooking system is the Big Green Egg.


Unlike traditional gas grills that just, well, grill, the Big Green Egg is a versatile outdoor cooker that not only grills, but roasts, smokes, sears, and bakes your food, as well. It’s practically a no-brainer for anybody who enjoys the ability to cook a multitude of various foods outdoors. As a high-temperature grill, the Egg sears magnificently – even better than that fancy steakhouse! If you have a hungry gang coming over, roast a whole turkey or ham with ease or bake a couple casseroles at a time with an available “EGGspander” multi-level rack!


One of the first noticeable differences between a metal gas grill and the Big Green Egg is the shape. The Big Green Egg’s egg shape recalls a centuries-old, Japanese method of earthenware cooking that allows the heat inside to “roll” along its curved walls, utilizing convection cooking to heat and cook food evenly and efficiently. Another noticeable difference is the ceramic used in the Big Green Egg. In addition to its ability to withstand incredibly high temperatures, ceramic heats up much quicker, as well. So not only will a Big Green Egg heat high enough to handle anything you want to cook, but the ceramic also holds its heat well, which will allow you to utilize slow-cooking methods, too. Fueled by natural lump charcoal that lights fast and burns slow, the Egg’s temperature and smoke are regulated by using the Egg’s draft door and dual-function metal top, which both affect the airflow in and out of the Big Green Egg for precise temperature control.


Available in a variety of sizes, the Big Green Egg also features a full line of additional “EGGcessories” that help take your Egg’s versatility to the next level. Add a carbon steel wok for delicious stir-fry recipes or a deep dish baking stone for fresh baked pizza!


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