How are you about following through on those New Year’s resolutions? While the determination is strong when you set them, many of us have a tendency to lose momentum if we don’t have the proper tools in place to help us see success and stay motivated to continue. Whether you’re planning to better relieve stress or lose weight – two of the most common New Year’s resolutions – a Helo Sauna can be the tool that helps you stay on task and reach your 2017 goals. All it takes is a few minutes a day.


How does a Helo Sauna Work?

In a nutshell, the heat from a sauna gets deep into your body, warming your blood and causing you to sweat… a lot. This penetrating sweat allows your body to release toxins, which is a big contributing factor in optimizing overall health. Saunas also increase white blood cell production, which boosts your immune system. In conjunction with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, saunas can help you to lose weight or maintain weight loss. Studies have also shown that a 20 minute Helo sauna session at 170 degrees Fahrenheit burns over 500 calories. This is due in part to your body’s metabolism speeding up as it works hard to cool itself.

Relieve Stress with a Helo Sauna

First, they provide seclusion from the rest of the world – a time for disconnecting from the cares and worries outside the sauna door. The sauna heat relaxes your muscles. It also improves circulation. But more importantly, the heat stimulates the release of those feel-good natural chemicals in the body called endorphins.

As you look forward to 2017 and start making plans for personal improvement, consider adding a Helo Sauna to your daily routine toward a better you.

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