The health benefits of a Sauna are absolutely phenomenal, but few people have the time to drive to a health club everyday to enjoy all of these benefits. Fortunately, at Atlanta Spa and Leisure we can turn nearly any extra space you have into a custom cut sauna. With just an empty closet, we can bring you all of the health benefits that come along with daily sauna use.

How Does It Work

First you will need to pick your space. Literally, any extra space can be converted from useless to a sauna. We have converted closets, sheds, extra deck space, and even created freestanding saunas in empty areas of a basement.

After you have picked your space, we will come out and take some preliminary measurements. We will use those measurements to make a CAD drawing.

Once we have your drawing, you will want to pick your layout, wood type, heater and  control. After these decisions are made, we will start to work on your custom cut sauna. We do everything from the framing and drywall to painting if it is needed. Some of our customers prefer to do the work themselves. In this case we will give you the CAD drawing, wood, heater and controls, but you will do the install yourself. Either way you will be so glad that you transformed your unused space to create a sauna that will benefit your health for a lifetime.

What Options are Available

Our Helo custom cut saunas come in two wood choices either kiln dried cedar or hemlock. There are eight different heater options to choose from. All of them are  electric heaters that provide quality craftsmanship and a combination of modern technology and traditional sauna heating. Each of the models offer a unique design and has an individual way of expressing the sauna experience. As if all of these options weren’t enough, we have a variety of different layouts to choose from depending on the size and layout of your space. You can check out our design gallery here.

With all of these options you are sure to be able to design a sauna that works for your space and your individual taste. Join us in our showroom so we can start planning your custom cut sauna today.

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