It seems like you just sent the kids back to school after winter break, doesn’t it? But before you know it, they’ll be off for President’s Day, and then Spring Break. If there aren’t any family travel plans on the horizon, how are you planning to keep your kiddos happy, active and entertained during all that downtime?

In the Atlanta area, there are lots of options: Outings to the local movie theater or the mall; trips to the zoo, aquarium or children’s museum; a day spent touring local historic sights. But it’s nice to have fun options at home, too. Options that are fun for the whole family, and get the kids away from their cell phones and video games.


Swim Spa Olympics

With a swim spa, you can enjoy the warm water no matter the weather. Even if it’s chilly this Spring, you can throw a Swim Spa Olympics party for your kids and their friends. Just establish a few events – maybe a 50m freestyle, 100m backstroke, 100m breaststroke, for starters – grab a stopwatch and a few medals from the local party store, and you’re all set! Let each child take a turn, keep a leaderboard to track their scores, and have a medal ceremony at the end. Remember it’s all in good fun, so consider mixing it up, too. Maybe slowest wins gold, or person closest to a designated time? It’s your Olympics, so the rules are up to you!

Cooking School

Let the kids each plan and prepare a meal. They can, with your guidance, plan the menu, shop for the ingredients, cook and serve the dishes. It’s fun, it’s a learning experience, and it’s a great way to spend quality time together. Encourage them to use your Big Green Egg to prepare one of the dishes on their menu. Not only will they learn a cooking method they may be unfamiliar with, but because the Big Green Egg is so easy to use they’ll be able to use it while preparing another dish inside the house.

The Big Green Egg website offers great recipe ideas, including several like Buffalo Chicken Dip and Bacon Cheeseburger Hot Dogs that would be great for beginning cooks, with just a little help from mom or dad.

With a little help from Atlanta Spa & Leisure, keeping the kids busy when school is out of session is a piece of cake!

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