We’re familiar with arthritis that develops in people as they get older, but there’s another type of arthritis – juvenile arthritis. In fact, juvenile arthritis is pretty common. It impacts 300,000 children in the United States. This auto-immune disease causes pain in the joints, stiffness and soreness, as well as pain trying to function with normal movements. One of the best ways to fight juvenile arthritis is movement. And the best way to help children with juvenile arthritis stay active is by using hot tub hydrotherapy.

Hot Tub Hydrotherapy for Juvenile Arthritis

All kinds of exercise and movement are beneficial to children with juvenile arthritis. However, the pain of those exercises increases because it causes increased swelling and more pain. Hot tub hydrotherapy is effective because the child can do simple exercises and rehabilitation movements in water instead of on land. Doing those exercises on land increases a child’s pain, but that pain decreases when the child exercises in the warm water of a hot tub.

Because water is buoyant, it creates the perfect low impact environment for exercise. How? Your body weight is supported when you’re in water. That means you can perform land exercises without the risk of muscle and joint swelling. Pools are a good option for hydrotherapy. However, hot tubs and swim spas provide the added benefits of adjusting the water temperature and adjusting the spa jets. Adjusting the water temperature helps you create the ideal environment for juvenile arthritis exercises. Cooler water increases blood circulation and warmer water helps muscles relax and become more flexible. Using spa jets to create the perfect hydro massage means the child will feel less pain and have more flexibility.

Try a Hot Tub Before you Buy

We understand that a hot tub is a big investment. You want to make sure it’s a good fit for your child. That’s why we invite you to come down to the nearest showroom and try out a hot tub. Bring your child along and work on the exercises together. You’ll see firsthand what a difference it makes. If you’re interested in scheduling a no-pressure test soak, just give us a call and we’re happy to set it up.

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