It’s summertime in Atlanta, and if you’re a parent with kids that are out of school and enjoying the summer break, you know all too well about the constant struggle to find fun family activities to keep the whole family engaged and making great memories. A great, unique way to carve out some quality family time is with a hot tubin the backyard.


Extend Your Family Space

Like a personal oasis that not only fits the whole family with ease, but can be used year-round, hot tubsand swim/fitness spas can be used for anything from relaxing after a long day, soaking achy muscles after a workout, swimming and other aquatic exercise for fitness, or even some plain old fun family hang time. Now more than ever, in the trend of extending livable space beyond the confines of the house, homeowners are taking to the backyard for bonding, entertaining, relaxing, and general quality time. Now consider how much better that time would be with a luxurious hot tubor swim spa.


Enrich Your Family Ties

Even in the largest hot tub, it’s possible to get a great sense of bonding and togetherness. Away from the hustle and bustle of work, school, traffic, chores, and all the other elements of the daily grind, a hot tubnot only helps to soothe you physically and mentally, but the closeness and opportunity to connect with loved ones away from everyone’s individual daily stresses also helps to build relational health and wellness, too.


Family Floating Game Night

And just because you’re all in a hot tubdoesn’t mean that you’re left to just sit there and stare at each other, doing nothing. There are plenty of favorite family board games and other floating games that have been adapted and waterproofed to work in water. Whether it’s a floating multi-game game board, tic-tac-toe set, or even a floating ping-pong set, you’ll find no shortage of fun and unique things to do while sharing your hot tubwith the people that matter the most in your life.


Shop Local for the Personal Attention You Deserve

With a full line of luxurious hot tubs, swim/fitness spas, and many other recreation and leisure productsto choose from, it’s no wonder that Atlanta Spa & Leisurehas been Atlanta’s premier spaand hot tubretailer for nearly three decades, serving thousands of satisfied customerswith the experience, integrity, and excellence you’d come to expect from a founder-owned and operated business.


To see how Atlanta Spa & Leisurecan help improve the quality of your precious family time with a professionally installed hot tubor spa, call or visit any of their convenient Atlanta-area locationstoday!


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