When you hear people talk about the benefits of a hot tub or swim spa for fitness, it’s more than likely with regard to physicalfitness and wellness; but an increasing number of experts have gone even further to add that one’s mental health can also be helped by the hydrotherapy that a regular soak in a hot tub provides.


Beyond Physical Healing

With an increasing number of Americans suffering physically from the effects of hypertension and stress, it’s clear that stress has the potential to reduce the quality of one’s life. When life’s daily stresses take their toll, without a proper outlet or release, the resulting anxiety builds and builds and can create physical ailments beyond mere mental stress. Hydrotherapy can provide the perfect outlet for the release of stress and anxiety that can lead to those physical ailments down the road.


Body, then Mind

It all starts with muscle and joint relief. From as far back as ancient times, hot water and pressure have been used to manage muscle aches and pains. Hot tubs and spas are no different. Hydrotherapy has been proven to reduce the pain and tension caused by chronic joint and muscle pain, which in turn improves range of motion and eliminates stiffness. Once you slip into your personal hot tub, your body temperature goes up, your circulation increases, and your muscles loosen up and begin to relax. Add to that the deep, steady pressure of the tub’s massage jets kneading out your aches while the near-weightless state of the water helps to relieve the weight being felt by your joints, and it’s not hard to imagine a state of total relaxation coming over you. Whether you choose to soak in the morning or at night, once in this state of relaxation, peace and calm are near and accessible; away from the distractions, annoyances, and busy-ness of the day that was, or the day to come.


Increased Sleep Benefits

If you choose to soak in your hot tub at the end of your day, there are many other sleep benefits that can be enjoyed long after you’ve gotten out of the tub to go to bed. Studies have shown that soaking in hot water before bed welcomes deeper, more restful sleep, which in turn helps to eliminate the harmful cycle of stress and anxiety that can come the next day after a night of restless sleep.


Do Something For You

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