It’s been particularly cold in Atlanta this winter… Have you been warming your bones in your hot tub? We hope so!

Hot Tubbin’ during cold weather (even during light rain) is one of the most satisfying ways a person can warm up and relax. It’s also a great reason to get outside when you’ve got that winter time cabin fever. If you heed the following advice, you’ll maximize the enjoyment of your winter weather soak sessions.

Prepare for your entry and exit in advance!

Your hot tub should already be heated. Not only for the obvious reason, but because it actually takes less energy to maintain your preferred temperature than it does to heat cold water every time you want to use your hot tub. A high quality, fitted hot tub cover will help insulate your hot tub (not to mention protect your family and your hot tub) so that it will require that much less energy (and cost you that much less) to maintain that perfect water temperature.

Walk out there and take your spa cover off before you get into your bathing suit. This way you can keep your outside exposure time to a minimum!

Get everything you need to enjoy your soak set up before you change into your bathing suit. We suggest leaving your phone inside. Why risk dropping it into the hot tub? Why ruin your relaxation with the distraction of a phone?

Be sure you have a handy place to keep your towel so that you can get yourself wrapped up in it right away! It’s a good idea to lay a towel on the floor just inside the nearest door you’ll hustle to as soon as you get out of the hot tub and into that crisp air!

Be careful of slippery surfaces walking to and from your hot tub. Be very cautious entering and exiting your hot tub!

Once you’re in the water…

Relax and enjoy, but don’t over do it! Your hot tub water temperature should never exceed 104°F – no matter how cold it is outside. Healthy adults should keep the temperature around 100°F. Use discretion and common sense. If you begin to feel overheated or otherwise uncomfortable, GET OUT!

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission lists these safety tips on their website:

When you are supervising kids in the hot tub, be sure to lower the temperature (below 98°F) and limit their hot tub time to 5 minutes.

Visit the following links to read about CPSC warnings and recommendations in greater detail:

Once you’re dried off and changed back into your warm clothes…

Go back out and secure your hot tub cover and clean up! With your warm clothes on you can take your time, comfortably. Rushing to do all of that while you’re soaking wet won’t save you time, but it will negate the relaxing experience you will have just had!

Time to get out there and employ these recommendations! If your hot tub is out of date, at its service limit, or imaginary at this point in time, come on down to Atlanta Spa and Leisure. From certified pre-owned hot tubs to brand new Michael Phelps swim spas by Master Spas, we’ve got something that will exceed your needs.

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