There were two signs posted.

“Enter at your own risk,” and “Hot tub show, this way.”

Hmm. What to do?

“Risk.” That’s … concerning. But you’re also looking for a great deal on a hot tub, and you’ve heard all the commercials advertising great deals at the show. Surely, it can’t be that bad, you think to yourself.

You start to hum your favorite song, and proceed along the path into the woods. The path meanders for a while. At first, it’s a pleasant walk. The forest is lovely, the flowers are pretty. It’s an enjoyable day. There may even be snacks and drinks. 😉

Along the way, you meet some very friendly salespeople. You see an amazing number of hot tubs – so many, it’s almost hard to keep them all straight. But the path begins to twist and turn as you travel deeper into the woods and the daylight fades away. The prices seem good, but here in the dark, things aren’t quite clear. After all, the show is only in town for a few days. What if there’s a problem later on? Who will you call? It’s all so overwhelming, and you have to make your decision so quickly. It’s a lot of pressure.

Suddenly, you see a light in the distance. You hurry down the path. It leads you out of the woods … and straight to your trusted local spa dealer. One who will be there not only during the sale, but long after, to help with anything you need.

When you’re ready to purchase a hot tub, avoid the traveling shows, and turn to local dealers instead. To make sure you’re getting the best deal, try these tips:

Ask for references

A good dealer will have happy customers, and will gladly share that information with you. Ask your friends and family, too.

Find out what’s included in the price of the spa

Does the dealer include the insulated cover? Steps? What about a cover lifter, and the products you’ll need to care for the water? Ask about delivery, too. A reputable company will deliver and install your spa – not leave it in your driveway.

Research it online – but don’t buy it online

By all means, research the spas you’re interested in online. Find out about energy efficiency, jet configurations and more. But buying online isn’t different from buying at a traveling show – you won’t have the after-sale support you’ll need.

At Atlanta Spa & Leisure, we’ve been providing quality spas to our customers since 1993. We want to make your spa shopping experience as enjoyable as possible, and we work hard to offer the best products at the best possible prices. When you’re ready to make your purchase you can trust that we’ll be there, during and AFTER the sale.

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