Finding just the right place to put your hot tub can seem like a simple task, but there might be a little more to consider than you originally thought. Here are some hot tub placement tips to think about when determining the perfect location for your hot tub.

The Elements

Obviously, you need an area that is flat or can be made flat. You will also want to look for an area that has a good wind break. The less wind you have blowing around your tub, cooling it off, the lower your heating costs will be. A wind break is also going to add to the privacy that most people are looking for in a hot tub location. If your yard doesn’t have a good wind break, don’t worry you can add one after you install your hot tub, just be sure to leave room for it in your plans. The sun is another consideration. When will you be using your hot tub most often and what position is the sun typically in during that time of day? Do you want your spa to be in direct sun or shade?


What are you planning to do with your hot tub? If you plan to do much entertaining, you will want to think about party flow. You might want your hot tub in the same vicinity as your outdoor kitchen or Big Green Egg so that guests in the hot tub can easily interact with the grill master or other guests who are eating. If you are mostly planning to use your hot tub for quiet relaxation, a more private setting away from your deck might be a better location.

Noise Level

You may not have given it too much thought, but you will also want to take into consideration what you can hear from your hot tub location. It doesn’t matter if you are planning for quiet relaxation or entertaining guests, the last thing you want to be listening to is a noisy air conditioner or the loud neighbors next door. You will want to position your hot tub away from any of these annoying noises as much as possible.

Putting a little thought and consideration into the location of your hot tub will ensure that you can get the maximum enjoyment out of your investment.

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