Like to be fit, but could do without the smelly locker rooms and awkward situations? Want to avoid the drive to the gym? Ready to ditch the leotard and leg warmers? (Seriously. No one wears those anymore.) Maybe it’s time to try something new. Something like … hot tub exercises! 

Yes, really. You’d be surprised just how effective a workout you can achieve in your hot tub. Both cardio and strength training exercises can be safely and effectively performed in the water. (And there aren’t any guys who grunt hanging out by the free weights, so, bonus!)

So slip on your suit, grab your favorite tunes, and get your workout on in your hot tub!

This video shows some great examples of cardio and strength exercises that can be easily adapted to your hot tub, featuring water dumbbells.

You can also ditch the dumbbells, and use the hot tub itself to get a great lower body workout. For example, take a seat and extend your legs in front of you, bracing your hands on the seat next to you. Quickly kick your feet in a scissor motion, up and down. The resistance will provide great exercise, and you can add water-safe ankle weights for even more resistance.

If you want to take your water workouts to the next level, consider a swim spa.

Swim spas offer all the benefits of hot tub exercises – water resistance, comfortably warm water, etc – plus added space, equipment, features and a swim current.

The H2X and Michael Phelps lines offer plenty of space and strong, variable current for swimming, plus seats with varied jets for a thorough after-workout hydromassage.

Depending on the swim spa model, you may also have the option of adding an underwater treadmill, a rowing attachment and more, for even greater exercise variety. Plus the wide, flat bottom means you can accomplish your regular exercises safely and efficiently.

Ditch the gym and the membership fees, and try hot tub exercises today. And if you really want to wear a leotard, that’s probably OK. But I’d leave off the leg warmers. Those things probably absorb a TON of water!

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