It may not seem like a huge deal, but the cover you choose for your hot tub is actually a really important decision and should be given some consideration, to ensure that you are getting the most out of your cover.

Basically, there are 2 main functions for a cover; to keep debris out and to keep heat in. Keeping debris out doesn’t take to much thought. Any cover that completely covers the tub with no gaps will meet this requirement.

The second function takes a little more consideration. Keeping heat in is a key factor to enjoying your hot tub. Nobody wants a warm hot tub. More importantly nobody wants excessively high utility bills from a heater that is continuously running.  Choosing a high quality cover is going to ensure that you always have hot water and lower utility bills.

So how can a custom cover from Atlanta Spa and Leisure save you money?


High Quality Materials

Our custom covers are made from high grade materials so your cover will stand the test of time. That means that you won’t be shelling out hundreds of dollars for a new hot tub cover because the one you bought only lasted a couple of years. Our covers are made with marine grade vinyl that has mildew inhibitors and UV stabilized color to protect against fading. The reinforced cover handles and child locks are double stitched to protect against tearing. The hinges are double reinforced so they will stand up to daily use. The 2” galvanized steel support beams are the strongest available and are chemical resistant. You can rest assured that you are getting a cover that will last.


Foam Density

When looking for a cover that will save you money, you want to make sure that it is well insulated to prevent heat loss. This will cut down on your utility bill and the cost of maintaining your heater. Our custom hot tub covers use 2lbs density virgin EPS foam core insulation. They are available in a 4”-2” tapered cover with an R-value of 19 and a 5” to 3” tapered cover with the highest top strength insulating value of R-21. That means that you are getting the most effective insulation available in a hot tub cover.


Vapor Barrier

One of the ways that a hot tub cover gets ruined is by getting waterlogged. Our covers use a 4 mil vapor barrier that is heat sealed to the foam core so that the core is fully protected. This is another way that your hot tub cover will outlast the competitors



One of the most important things, is to make sure that your cover gets a tight seal. With a custom cover you can be sure that you are purchasing a cover that fits properly and will form a tight seal to keep in as much heat as possible, keeping your energy bill as low as possible.


Buying a quality spa cover is one of the most important ways that you can protect your hot tub investment. So what are your waiting for? Come by Atlanta Spa and Leisure and get your custom hot tub cover ordered today.

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