When it comes to Atlanta’s cold winter weather, many homeowners and prospective hot tub owners may think that hot tubs, like pools, are unusable and must be shut down for the season, but that’s definitely not the case. Studies have shown that in addition to all the health benefits of a hot tub (improved sleep, physical fitness, even mental health), there are even great benefits when it comes to finding relief from the cold symptoms that always seem to come this time of year.


While it’s not recommended that you soak in a hot tub with a high fever, the warm water in the hot tub can help to raise your body temperature slightly, helping certain types of immune cells work better, which helps to fight off certain viruses. The steam from the hot water helps with breathing and decongestion by shrinking swollen sinus membranes and loosening congestion. In addition, soaking in a hot tub also helps to soothe and relieve the sore, achy muscles that usually come along with the cold and flu. And because rest always does a body good, it’s also worth noting that the aforementioned improved sleep quality that a hot tub can offer is also good for fighting the effects of the common cold. As far as preventive care, hot tub soaks have shown to reduce stress levels, which is good for a healthy immune system, as high stress levels can weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to catching a cold.


Doctor’s Orders: Atlanta Spa & Leisure

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