Are you looking for an effective way to keep your New Year’s resolutions for better health and wellness? Consider adding an in-home swim spa/hot tub or sauna to your Georgia home to keep your health and fitness goals on track in 2023. Studies have long shown that regular hot tub use and/or swimming for exercise provides benefits that help improve physical and emotional well-being. Keep reading to find out all the amazing ways that regular soaks and swims in a personal hot tub/swim spa or regular sauna use can help improve your overall health!

The Benefits of Hot Tub Use 

Regular use of a personal hot tub can offer numerous physical benefits. For one thing, hydrotherapy has been found to increase metabolism, as well as improve sleep quality. In addition, soaking in a hot tub after exercise can also reduce muscle and joint pain—especially for those who are elderly or experiencing illnesses like arthritis. Furthermore, relaxing in the soothing warm waters of a hot tub is known to reduce stress levels significantly. And finally, if you suffer from sore muscles and achy joints due to physical activity or age-related conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis, soaking in a hot tub may offer relief from those symptoms as well.  

The Benefits of Swim Spa Use 

A swim spa is essentially an enclosed pool that allows you the convenience of exercising at home without having to build an entire pool structure. Not only are swim spas convenient when it comes to space utilization (no need for large backyards!), but they also come with many other advantages that contribute towards improved health: enhanced cardiovascular exercise thanks to powerful jets that help maintain resistance while swimming; increased flexibility due to stretching against water currents; improved muscle strength; better balance due to using different body parts simultaneously; and reduced joint pain due to low-impact exercises like walking on underwater treadmills. You’ll also find a great selection of professional Michael Phelps swim spas from which to choose.

The Benefits of Sauna Use 

Regular sauna use has been linked with several potential health benefits including improved circulation by dilating blood vessels; heart rate regulation by lowering blood pressure; detoxification by releasing sweat through pores; relaxation through increased serotonin levels; improved skin condition through exfoliation caused by perspiration; and weight loss by burning calories during the sauna session—allowing users more freedom when it comes to their diets!

Whether you’re looking for improved cardiovascular fitness, decreased joint pain, relaxation from stressors, or even just better skin—a personal hot tub/swim spa and sauna will provide all those things and more! Investing in the right equipment will not only make achieving your New Year’s goals easier, but will also ensure that you experience long-term health benefits too! Atlanta Spa & Leisure are the local experts to call to help guide you through the process of achieving optimal health this year. Whether you choose to visit one of their conveniently located showrooms in Atlanta or Cumming, you’ll appreciate their years of valuable expertise when it comes to hot tubs, swim spas, and personal saunas. With a friendly focus on selection, savings, and service, you’ll feel confident knowing that Atlanta Spa & Leisure can help you reach your health goals this year and beyond!

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