Swim spas provide many of the same benefits of a hot tub and a swimming pool, including the ability to exercise, socialize, and relax in the comfort and privacy of your home.



Whether you are a recreational swimmer, competitive athlete, or you simply want to integrate aquatic exercise into your fitness routine, a swim spa offers all the benefits of swimming, without having to turn around at the end of the pool. Improve your cardiovascular health, boost your athletic performance, lose weight, and tone your body without experiencing joint impact that can lead to strain and inflammation. Aquatic exercise also relieves stress by boosting endorphins and lowering stress-hormone levels.



Swim spas can also be used for recreational purposes. You can integrate it into your next social gathering with friends or use it to teach your kids how to swim. The social interactions with your friends and loved ones will contribute to your mental and emotional health in addition to your physical health.



You don’t have to exercise in your swim spa, you can also use it for relaxation. Imagine slipping into your heated-water oasis, complete with an array of jets targeting all areas of your body at the end of a long day. Water, heat and hydromassage work together to improve blood circulation, making your tight neck, stiff shoulders, and tension headaches melt away. By relieving your mental and physical discomfort, your swim spa reduces anxiety and helps you relax, improving your sleep as well as your overall quality of life.


Customization and Installation

Swim spas are available in a variety of sizes, styles, options, and price points. You can choose among an assortment of jets, pumps, water capacities, and propulsion systems and add customized accessories and exclusive features such as LED lighting, sound systems, touch screens, and more. Installation of a swim spa is much easier than a pool and you can choose from an indoor, outdoor, in-ground, or above-ground installation.


Atlanta Spa & Leisure is Your Swim Spa Connection

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