There are a lot of things that make living in the south pretty amazing – but one of the best is our fall and winter weather. While much of the country suffers through frosty mornings, chilly evenings and even early season snows, we get the benefits of practically balmy evenings under the stars.

And that means, you get to enjoy the backyard paradise you’ve created just a little longer than everyone else.

While hosting weenie roasts and making s’mores in your backyard firepit are fun, and star-gazing from your patio or deck is always relaxing – there’s a new trend in backyard entertainment that’s just perfect for Southern fall nights: a backyard movie theater you can enjoy from the comfort of your hot tub!

It might sound daunting, but it’s actually easier than you might think to get started. You can create a backyard theater to fit your space, and your budget. Here’s how:

The Screen

You can’t have a movie theater without a screen. Some people temporarily fasten a plain white bedsheet to the back of their house, or stretch it tautly between upright posts specially constructed for the purpose. You can also purchase outdoor-safe screens in a variety of sizes, and even inflatable screens – these are perfect when you want a good, reflect screen surface but don’t have the space for a more permanent construction.

The Projector, Sound and Playback System

You can spend a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on a projector. But you can get excellent results for your hot tub backyard movie theater with a projector on the lower end of the range. For sound, you have a range of options, too. Smaller, inexpensive speakers can still provide great sound quality – or you can “go big” with a full surround sound system. The choice is yours.

You’re also going to need a system to get that movie to the projector – gaming consoles are portable and work really well for this, as do streaming movie players. Just be certain whatever components you choose, they’re all fully compatible.

Now you’re ready to settle into your hot tub – maybe one like the Clarity Spas Balance 7 – and enjoy the warm water and hydromassage while you watch a new movie or a family favorite. Just make sure you don’t drop the popcorn!

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