Custom Saunas

Custom Cut

If you can dream it we can build it! 

If you have an empty storage room, an unused closet, a workout room or even a shed outdoors, we can install a therapeutic sauna in the otherwise unused space. We can get some preliminary measurements and produce a CAD drawing and often give you choices on the bench layout. Simply pick a layout, pick a wood type and choose a heater and control, we do the rest. Our crew can do the framing, drywall work and painting if necessary to install your new sauna. If you are a DIY guy, we can provide the CAD drawing, the kiln dried cedar or hemlock, along with the heater and controls and you can install it yourself. Custom cut saunas can also be free standing with outside walls and a ceiling if that works better for your space. They can be traditional, infrared or a combo of both. We’ll help you imagine the options! CLICK HERE To download our free sauna guide!

The difference between custom cut standard designs and the Panel Built options is that the Panel Built options are free standing.  Custom cuts use existing walls, ceilings etc.