There’s a million reasons to love your spa. It’s soothing, it’s relaxing, it sucks the stress right out of your body. The problem, however, is that opening it is like lifting a manhole cover off a city street. Actually, that’s probably easier.

Related imageOpening a hot tub cover shouldn’t be something that only Olympic powerlifters can do by themselves. Most spa covers, however, require two people to get inside. So, if you live alone, you can never use your spa? If your husband or wife or roommate or whoever is away, you just have to stare at the spa wondering what it would be like if you had enough Incredible Hulk muscles to get inside?

Your spa cover is like the concrete lid of a crypt in a Gothic graveyard, and you know what? It’s time for an update. It’s time for a cover lift.

Cover lifts don’t take anything away except the weight and burden.

Your cover is no less robust, no less waterproof, no less sturdy. Adding a cover lift simply makes it easy and effortless for one person to open and close their hot tub, even if that person isn’t Dwayne Johnson.

Cover lifts are stylish, they’re easy to install and they’re almost certain to work with any tub you have. Spas are supposed to be fun and relaxing. Opening them shouldn’t come with the likelihood of a pulled hamstring or slipped disk.

It’s a hot tub, not a deadlifting competition. Take a load off, get yourself a cover lift and make a dip in the spa as relaxing as it should be.

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