Looking for a way to enhance your hot tub experience? Add a Covana gazebo spa cover. Covana gazebo covers are so much more than simple spa covers. They protect your spa and turn it into a grotto!


Covana gazebo covers are fully automated. With the simple turn of a key, the cover lifts up and becomes a gazebo roof. No more struggling with heavy covers or finding a place to put the cover while you use your spa. Covana covers allow you to simply relax and enjoy the spa experience.


Covana covers are engineered to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. The innovative gazebo covers keep snow, ice, and general debris out of your spa. Because the cover lifts straight up, there is no need to remove any debris from the cover prior to opening it. It doesn’t get any easier… and your spa experiences should be easy!


Covana covers create a tight seal, keeping heat in and cool air out. This insulating effect reduces the cost of heating your spa, saving you money. The cover securely locks in place to prevent any unwanted, unsupervised entry into your spa.


Because Covana covers double as gazebos, they add privacy and ambiance that other covers simply do not. Some Covana models even have retractable screens that can be pulled down to create the ultimate grotto experience.


With retractable screens and a short, 20 second cover lift time, Covana covers make enjoying your spa easier and more enjoyable – all year long. Even the roughest winter weather won’t keep you from enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy. You’ll be cozy under your Covana cover!

Come on in to Atlanta Spa & Leisure and check out our Covana covers today.

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