We recently discussed the first steps in choosing the right hot tub including size, space, access, and installation. Here are a variety of additional factors you’ll want to consider when choosing the best hot tub for your needs.


How Will You Use Your Hot Tub?

If you are purchasing a hot tub to help you de-stress, focus on jet placement (concentrated in areas where you hold the most tension in your body) and power level (suited to your body’s sensitivity to the jets). If you are purchasing a hot tub to help you recover from workouts, the heat alone will improve blood circulation, and help your muscles recover.  Add powerful jets to aid in the relaxation of your muscles, ligaments, joints, and tendons. If you are purchasing a hot tub for socialization focus on size and amenities.



Consider how many people will be using your hot tub at a time. A smaller hot tub with a single heater and pump will seat up to four people, while a six-person hot tub may only seat four adults comfortably. In addition to number of seating, consider types of seating such as upright or reclining lounge seats which allow users to fully submerge themselves in water.


Materials: Shell and Cabinet

Hot tub shells determine the look, cost, insulation, and strength of a hot tub and are available in acrylic (the most common due to its heat retention and durability), roto-cast polymer (inexpensive, lightweight and durable but not as energy efficient), vinyl, wood, fiberglass matting, and resin. The hot tub cabinet supports the shell while housing and protecting the internal components (plumbing, jets, wiring and heater). Since this part of your hot tub will be exposed to the elements, composite materials are often a better choice than wood.



Hot tub insulation is important for overall efficiency. It prevents components from being overworked (which leads to more energy use and faster break downs), increased operating costs, and difficulty maintaining your desired water temperature.


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