Choosing the Right Hot Tub: Jets, Pumps, Filtration, and Voltage

We recently discussed factors to consider when choosing the right hot tub including size, space, access, and installation as well as seating, materials, and insulation. Here are a few final factors you’ll want to consider in order to choose the hot tub most perfectly suited for your needs.



Hot tub spas can come with any number of jets, all with various purposes and specializations. If you intend to use your hot tub for relaxing soaks you may not need a high number of powerful jets, but if you want to utilize jets to experience a massage effect, you’ll want to pay attention to the size, number, and position of jets as well as valve pressure adjustability.



Hot tub pumps circulate the water and provide jet flow. Look for a hot tub with a good jet to horsepower ratio for ideal efficiency. Too much horsepower or too many pumps will consume copious amounts of energy without necessarily delivering a better massage.



Your hot tub will need to be cleaned and sanitized through the use of mechanical devices and chemicals. Filters will remove large particles from the water, protecting parts from damage and improving water clarity. Ozonators can decrease your chemical use by oxidizing microorganisms and chemicals while also boosting the performance of your bromine or chlorine. Many newer hot tubs include filters with advanced blue filter media to prevent bacteria and other microbe growth on the filter.



  • 110 Volt: Hot tubs running on 110 volts are considered “plug-and-play” meaning you can simply use your home’s 110 volt outlet and will not need to pay for an electrician to wire your hot tub to a 220 volt outlet. These smaller units feature a single pump which may limit your ability to operate the hot tub’s heater while its jets are on high without overloading the circuit.
  • 220 Volt: 220 volt hot tubs can power a larger heater, run several pumps and the heater simultaneously, and heat the water faster than a 110-volt hot tub.
  • Electrical Hook-up: Consider an electrical plug-and-play connection if you anticipate moving your hot tub in the future.
  • 240V Hard Wired: A qualified electrician must wire a 240V system, but these spas heat faster and stay hot longer than plug-and-play hot


Add On Some Fun Extras

To fully maximize your hot tub experience, consider the details that will truly add to your enjoyment such as stereos, speakers, Bluetooth technology, waterfalls, lights, pillows, and cup holders.


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