Choosing a Personal Sauna for Home Use

When homeowners consider dedicated spaces for health, wellness, and fitness around the house, the first thing to come to mind for most might be a home gym, pool, or spa/swim spa. But one option that most might overlook is a personal home sauna. With a history dating back thousands of years, the Finnish tradition of […]

Get In-Home Massage Therapy with a Cozzia Qi SE Massage Chair

While relaxation and stress relief have always been a part of someone’s good health and well-being, it’s worth saying again just how important it is – especially nowadays – to de-stress and take great care of ourselves, mentally. In addition, good physical health also seems to be at the front of our minds more than […]

Why a Master Spas Hot Tub?

  There are literally hundreds of different hot tubs on the market. They all claim to be great and have great features, it can really be quite overwhelming to decide which hot tub is going to be the right one for you. We think that Master Spas master-crafted hot tubs are the right choice and […]

11 Reasons Why You Will Love a Personal Sauna

1. Saunas improve cardiovascular performance. Not surprisingly, sauna bathers most frequently cite stress reduction as the number one benefit of sauna use. Medical studies often determine that stress in our daily lives can negatively affect our health. In fact, the vast majority of disease (i.e. heart disease) is at least partially stress-related. Heat bathing in […]

Update Your Game Room

  When it comes to indoor entertainment it doesn’t get much better than having your own game room. So you put one in….kind of.  If you are like so many people that we meet, you started that indoor game room, but it has come up lacking. Maybe you went cheap on your game tables, or […]

Hot tubs for those who suffer from Fibromyalgia

  Fibromyalgia is a word that we are hearing more and more often lately. An increasing number of Americans suffer from this debilitating disease. The worst part is that the symptoms of this disease are invisible, so many are suffering in silence. With no cure and varying success with treatments, Fibromyalgia can be difficult to […]

The Natural

    There are so many different spa additives on the market it is hard to know which ones are the good ones and which ones leave much to be desired. Well we have found one of the good ones. The Natural is a Vitamin E conditioning formula that will totally revolutionize your hot tub […]

Hot Tub Covers, Keeping More Money in Your Wallet

    It may not seem like a huge deal, but the cover you choose for your hot tub is actually a really important decision and should be given some consideration, to ensure that you are getting the most out of your cover. Basically, there are 2 main functions for a cover; to keep debris […]

10 Reasons Why a Swim Spa is Better Than a Pool

    You enjoy swimming and would like to be able to swim in your own backyard, but you keep going back and forth…should you get a swim spa or just get a pool. We think that a swim spa is the best choice, so we put together a list of the top 10 ways […]

Luxury Custom Cut Saunas

  The health benefits of a Sauna are absolutely phenomenal, but few people have the time to drive to a health club everyday to enjoy all of these benefits. Fortunately, at Atlanta Spa and Leisure we can turn nearly any extra space you have into a custom cut sauna. With just an empty closet, we […]